9 great teen party ideas for girls

Teen girls need to have a bit of downtime just as much as adults do. That's why one popular idea for teen birthday party themes is the slumber party. Anything that has to do with being pajama-clad can be fun, whether it's putting on makeup or watching movies, or playing games.

The best part about this kind of party is that any other party theme ideas are open game! You might want to make sure your teen girl sees her friends not only in the daytime but at night too, so having them come over after dinner and before turning in works out well. This way you can entertain them both at once.  

Top-9 ideas for a teenage girl party

  1. Teenage girls love to be pampered. You can make this happen with a spa party. You don't actually have to invest in outside services, especially if you know how to do manicures and pedicures at home. With some music playing in the background, you can even give your guests a shoulder massage or two!
  2. If having everyone over during the day on Saturday isn't possible, try hosting an overnight slumber party that turns into brunch around 10 am on Sunday morning. Everyone will have had plenty of sleep and time together, plus stay longer for some good bonding.
  3. Get some inspiration from Pinterest for ideas about fun games teens might enjoy. One popular one is called "Never Have I Ever", which requires a minimum of four people but can have a larger number. The idea is for one person to think up something they have never done and the others have. They will go around in a circle stating "Never have I ever...gotten a speeding ticket", "Never have I ever...been on a boat", etc. If anyone has done that certain thing, they drink from their cup or take a chip from the bowl.
  4. Another great party involves taking pictures at different locations throughout your house, outside in nature maybe if you're lucky to live near it, and at other nearby spots you know about that might be just right for an outdoors photo shoot theme. Everyone loves going home with some new shots!
  5. Dress up in old clothes and have a fashion show! This is so much fun when two or more people are involved in it. After you've created the runway, let everyone's inner designer come out to play by having them create their own outfits for the special event using clothes they already have at home.
  6. You can make your teen girl party ideas even more interesting with an adventure idea. Get some maps together and lead everyone on safari around your neighborhood with binoculars in hand to see if there are any wild animals about, especially squirrels who love putting on shows.
  7. If snack foods are what will make your teen birthday party go over well, consider creating a night where everyone brings one food choice of their own along with a beverage for all. Everyone can share what they brought with everyone else, and this is a great way to sample new things.
  8. For a movie party, you don't have to do anything except make popcorn on the stovetop or in a microwave popper. Then sit back and watch your favorite old movies on TV while eating it! This is another opportunity for some good bonding time between friends.
  9. If your teen likes painting her nails, but you're not keen on letting her use your expensive polish, set out all the tools she needs along with the special kind of lotion that goes on first normally. Provide cotton balls or pads as well as q-tips and maybe even some newspaper to catch any spills and an artsy smock of some kind so she can dress up for the party. Oh, and don't forget to leave plenty of time to let her do everyone's nails!

Your teen girl will love coming over to your house for a good time. And you'll feel great knowing you've given them all you can and they're having fun together as well. Be sure to take lots of pictures and save them on your computer or phone for easy access on future occasions when you want to remember this party in particular.

Party-favors for teenage girls to appreciate

  • Sleeping socks and pajamas

Sleeping socks and pajamas are a very exciting teen party favor for girls. This idea is usually targeted towards females as they could be afraid to sleep in an alien sleeping environment, such as a host's bedroom.

For many young women, dogs can sometimes be their favorite animal. Choosing dog designs on the slippers will surely catch the attention of any teen girl who loves animals and shoes! You can have different designs on each slipper or just one overall design per pair. This would also make a perfect Christmas DIY gift for anyone you know who likes cute dogs! They'll love waking up to these furry friends next to them in bed all winter long.

  • Personalized pillowcase

This is another great gift you can make for any teen girl in your life. You can include their name or initials on the pillowcase! This could be a very thoughtful DIY birthday gift to give anyone who enjoys personalizing items themselves. Who doesn't like personalized things?

  • Tote bags

Girls love showing off their favorite sayings and special interests! They might enjoy bright colors, too! Having these printed onto an item they'll actually use, such as a tote bag will be sure to get lots of compliments at school/work/everywhere they go!

The designs don't just have to be bright either; it can be anything that catches their eye while shopping around online. Being eco-friendly is also something many teens enjoy, so this is a great way to get them involved in recycling while repurposing something they already have.

  • Lip glosses or balms

This can be any flavor of lip color really. Just make sure it tastes good if you choose to include this treat in their party favor bag! Not everyone wants it sitting around in their car or purse, but some teens actually would!

Teen girls love trying out new lip colors and flavors, so having one in there for them will surely be appreciated by any teen girl who sees the surprise inside when they open up their DIY favors. This could also include chapsticks and other moisturizers that smell and feel nice. Check out Pinterest for tons of ideas that fit the party theme perfectly!

  • Blanket or towel printed with the teen's name

This is a great idea for any girl who is heading off to college soon or already living in a dorm room. Having their own blanket will make them feel more at home while they're away from home, which can make many students' lives easier!

You can personalize this gift even further by adding their favorite color or animal print design to it. This would also be a great DIY Christmas gift idea for anyone you know who is going away to school next semester! They'll appreciate having something familiar from home right in the comfort of their new dorm room during winter break.

  • Chocolate kisses and candies

Most teens love chocolate, especially when it's on sale! More chocolates inside the party favor bags? Yes, please! It will surely satisfy any chocolate craving that might come up later on. Just be sure to avoid eating the candies or chocolates yourself before handing them out to party guests; who wants chocolates shaped like dog poo anyways?!

  • Hair ties and brushes

This is a great idea for teens because their hair gets frizzy often due to humid weather or just using the blow dryer too much. Having extra hair ties can help stop our hairdos from falling apart throughout an active day running errands at the mall, school, etc.

Hairbrushes are also good for removing knots in long locks if you're into styling your own natural look during special occasions. This would be another great DIY Christmas gift idea for any teen girl in your life who enjoys dressing up and styling their hair.

  • Glitter nail polish sets

Who doesn't love playing around with one's nails? Glitter is always welcome in the DIY nail scene, so having this luxury in a party favor bag will be something they would be very excited to receive when they see what's inside!

This could also include other fun color options like neon glitters or glitter stickers if you're looking for something more wearable than just plain old glitter. Check out Pinterest for ideas on how to best incorporate these into your Halloween party favors! You can't go wrong with giving little girls some sparkles with this kind of stuff.

Best Pinterest ideas for girls party favors

Boxes with personalized labels

This is an easy DIY that anyone can do, even teens! You just have to lay out the boxes on a large sheet of paper and trace them with any pen or marker you have lying around. Once everything's traced, it's just a matter of cutting out the newly formed shapes and applying them to your already-labeled box favors. You can also add personalized tags or stickers if you want to make things more fun while keeping the same basic idea in mind.

Clothespin clip people magnets

These are great not only for hanging up pictures around the house but also as cute decorations too! If you're into arts and crafts then this DIY favor should come naturally to you. Having "mini-me" magnets with the teen's photo printed on them would also be a fun idea that they can put up around their own room for a memento of the party. Don't forget to think about your party theme when thinking of how best to personalize these cute favors!

Pony beads and dress up jewelry

Who doesn't love colorful beads? This DIY is especially popular among younger girls who want to express themselves through fashion, so it's definitely worth considering if you know any teens in this age bracket! Just make sure not to include too many beads in each box because the last thing you want is for some kids at the party to accidentally choke on non-edible materials!

DIY lip gloss gulfs

Teens are always experimenting with their makeup, so having another fun alternative to other party favor options would be great for them! You can find kits online that include clear lip gloss containers + corresponding lip gloss flavors in a wide range of shades if you want to stay away from the DIY aspect.

If you're feeling crafty though, there are plenty of ideas you can use as inspiration for creating different colored lip glosses which will look totally cute inside their very own goodie bags after the party ends! Just make sure your teen girls know not to eat this stuff because it's not really edible lol.

Temporary tattoos and nail stickers

This is another idea involving arts and crafts that younger girls would be very excited about! You can find tons of free printable temporary tattoos and nail sticker designs online for your DIY reference.

How can you creatively pack party favors?

  • Pack in a box!

Yes, this is a very simple DIY option that can be done in practically any size and shape you want for your party favors. Just make sure to get some tissue paper along with the boxes if you're planning on putting anything inside them (e.g., candy or piggy banks). You can also add another layer of wrapping like red cellophane wrap before closing up the box entirely if you want it to look more presentable and give off a more sophisticated vibe.

  • Place an object inside an opaque plastic bag + tie it closed

This idea works best when using objects like pencils or candies because they fit easily into bags and still make attractive party favor options for teen girls who like to give their friends a little something to remember the night by. You can purchase clear plastic bags from stores like Daiso or Michaels and then place candy inside it before closing it off with a cute ribbon! If you're not into candy, you can opt for pens, paper clips, stickers, small toys, etc., instead.

  • How about DIY party favor boxes?

These are fairly easy to make as well if you have some time on your hands + love experimenting with arts and crafts! There are tons of ideas online that inspire teens to make cool-looking boxes out of different materials (e.g., origami). Or for an added treat, include some snacks inside one of these boxes before giving them out as favors so everyone knows what they're in for while toting around these boxes on their way home!