Engaging places for teenage birthday party

Teens in America and around the world are constantly in search of unique and interesting ways to spend their days. With so many options at hand, it can be difficult for teens to find a common ground in which they all enjoy participating in.

Tips for parents on how to make a good BDay party for a teen

However, there is one activity well known as a favorite for this age group: throwing a party. Whether it's a house gathering or a bowling party, having a great time with friends is always at the top of the to-do list.

With that being said, planning and executing an unforgettable birthday party can be tedious and difficult for even the most well-equipped teens. If you're going through the trouble of setting up such an event for your teen, here are some helpful ways to take advantage of their special day.

The first step towards finding cheap activities is considering what your teen likes. For example, if your daughter loves pizza, try catering her party around different variations on toppings and sauces. If she adores dogs, you can hire a dog walker to surprise her with some furry four-legged friends.

Once you have decided on the theme, it's time to plan the activities. The more unique your pick, the higher the price tag will be. However, if you are on a limited budget, there are still plenty of alternatives for fun ideas anyone would enjoy.

Instead of throwing away money on bowling or laser tag, consider hosting an old-fashioned spin-the-bottle game for teens instead. If you really believe they will get into it, go ahead and invest in a new smart TV that you can hook up to Netflix. This way, everyone has something fun to do wherever they sit down. If your teen is singing, why not set up a karaoke machine with a giant flatscreen TV playing the lyrics.

Other great options for cheap activities include making balloon art, setting up tables and selling snacks, or even doing a costume party where all the guests come dressed as their favorite book characters.

Every teen has their own unique interests and hobbies, so use that to your advantage when you're trying to pick out activities they'll love. Making it an entertaining experience will limit the chances of them losing interest halfway through and wanting to leave early.

Top-5 ideas for teenage birthday

Icehall party

Ice bars are great for creating an unforgettable experience in freezing temperatures. It's perfect if your teen loves the snow and cold weather, or if they just want to break out of their comfort zone when it comes to drinking.

Ice bars are extremely popular in Russia, so it will be a nice throwback if you're looking for something foreign and strange for your party guests. It also gives you the opportunity to play fun games like ice bowling or snowball fights, which will make everyone laugh about how much they don't want any more drinks.

Tattoo party

This can be a hit-or-miss option, but it's definitely worth considering. Teenagers love trying new things, especially if it involves body art. If your teen is open to trying out new things and expanding their own boundaries, then this is the perfect option.

Not only will it be fun, but you'll also feel less guilty for allowing them to get a tattoo. It's important to note that they cannot legally ink themselves until they reach 18 years old, so this would have to be done with the supervision of an adult beforehand.

Sport party

This might be the most obvious idea on this list, but if you're looking to do something unique with teenagers, this is definitely one of your best bets. No matter what sport they are into -basketball, football, or even baseball -we have an inflatable moonwalk rental company that will have everything set up for you in no time.

This also gives them a chance to socialize and meet new people. Most teen parties at the local roller rink tend to be filled with friends already, so it'll be novel for them to play together as strangers for once.

Video gaming party

The word "gaming" may seem scary at first if these are foreign terms to you, but all that means is playing video games. This works well if your son or daughter begins getting bored of one thing after only a few hours, so why not make it interactive? With the help of local gamers, you can be sure they'll have a blast. It's also easy to market towards this crowd since most teenagers are into video games.

Cosplay party

This one is perfect for any teen who loves anime, manga, or comic books. Simply put on some music and tell the guests to show up in their favorite costume. They will love being able to express themselves when it comes to fashion choices, while still having fun with all their friends. This is definitely one of the options that is worth investing in if you want an experience everyone will remember for years to come.

Places for celebration that even teens will like

  • Inflatable fun zone

Inflatable fun zones are the perfect venues for high-energy activities, especially if your teen loves adrenaline rushes. This isn't reserved for just children anymore, either. Teens love a good bounce house just as much as the next person, and adults happen to be there too! This gives them a chance to have some fun with their friends while also meeting some new people in the process. It's cheaper than going out to a club, plus you don't have to pay for any drinks or snacks.

  • Laser tag arena

Another great activity option that allows teens to compete against one another without overtly embarrassing anyone is laser tag. No one has ever had a bad experience playing laser tag, so you can guarantee that your teen will be able to have a good time. This works well if you're planning on having the party at home since most laser tag arenas are in public places.

  • Private karaoke rooms

Another good option for teens who need an outlet to express themselves is private karaoke rooms. Once again, everyone loves singing, even if it's just in front of their friends and family members. You also won't have to worry about all of them trying to squeeze into one room or fighting over songs. This gives them a chance to get out some stress and enjoy their night without worrying about outside forces getting in the way.

  • Wii party

If you don't want any loud noises during the party, this is a great option. Teens can play on the Wii and compete against one another without disturbing anyone else in the house. You can use games like air hockey or even Wii boxing as alternatives if you're worried some of them might begin fighting with one another during such an event.

  • Local amusement parks

This is always a good choice for those looking to do something special at their birthday party. They not only get to enjoy themselves, but they also get to experience all that your local amusement park has to offer. Along with that, there are plenty of things they can take pictures of to remember the day later on in life. This works well if you want them to have fun while also making memories that will last well into adulthood.

To drink or not to drink?

How do you treat alcohol at teenagers' parties? This is a tough question to answer because there are so many different perspectives when it comes to drinking. If they are in high school, chances are they might be allowed to have a drink with you at social gatherings, but it's important to be aware of their limits.

While no one wants them to turn into an alcoholic, the truth is that they will eventually experiment with alcohol on their own, whether or not you've given them permission before.

If your teen has been begging you for more freedom around this area, why not let them get drunk under your supervision? Many teens feel like their parents don't trust them once they reach a certain age and want nothing more than to prove themselves. As long as you keep an eye on how much they drink, this can be a good way to see what they're capable of handling.

Overall, as long as you think your son or daughter is ready for stronger drinks, then there's no reason not to allow them at their birthday party. This might be one of the easiest decisions you make when it comes to planning a teenager's birthday party.

Creative ideas for gifts

  1. Auto carting lesson
    This gift would be great for any teen who enjoys cars, whether it's playing with toy models or spending time doing car maintenance work. This is a great way to spend some quality time together without them feeling like they're being watched all the time.
  2. Scootering lesson
    If your teenager has been asking you for a motorcycle ever since they were younger, then why not let them take scootering lessons? They are fun and safe ways of allowing teenagers to get their adrenaline fixed without endangering anyone's lives.
  3. Archery
    This one takes some more effort on your part, but archery is an exciting hobby that can be done alone or with friends. If they have enough space in the backyard, it is definitely within your best interest to let them practice in peace.
  4. Camping trip
    When was the last time you went camping? It's a great way to spend some time outdoors and catch up with each other without constantly watching what they're doing. Be sure to bring lots of snacks and make it a point to stay out long enough for everyone to get good rest. This is one of those activities that will be fun for people no matter how old they are, so there's no reason not to give it a try.
  5. Euro tour
    The final idea on our list is to take them out of the country for a little while. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a cozy European city that's easy enough to get to and safe enough so they don't feel lost in it all.
  6. Car detailing
    If your teen is obsessed with cars, then it only makes sense to let them clean one themselves. Be sure they wear gloves and work in a ventilated area if you choose to go this route, but it will definitely be an experience they won't forget for a while!
  7. Volunteerism
    Many teenagers are inspired by the idea of making the world a better place, so why not encourage that mindset? There are many volunteer opportunities for teens, depending on their interests. If you have the time to spare, then join them in their efforts. It can be very rewarding when all is said and done.   
  8. Artificial intelligence class
    Most teenagers are more than capable of handling this complicated subject, so there's no need to worry about your teen breaking down trying to learn it. If they've been interested in A.I., then why not invest some time and money into teaching them everything there is to know? It will be a useful lesson that they'll never forget.
  9. Course for a favorite hobby
    In case your teen is keen on art or music, there are courses at local colleges that you can sign up for. They're fun and great ways to meet new people, so be sure to take a look into them before committing!
  10. Ticket to the concert
    This might require a little more effort on your part, but it will be one of the most memorable activities for them in years. You can't go wrong by giving them a chance to see up close and in person what they're so passionate about. Just make sure you plan ahead if you're going to try this route.

Ask your child

If you have headaches about the better choice of place and gift for your teenage, just ask your child, he will give you the best advice. Moreover, it would be better to ask him before the party and give your child some time at least 2 days to think about what he or she wants. Finally, your child may want to make the party themselves, so that you do not need to worry about everything.