Frisbee games for whole family

Frisbee is a well-known name for a flying disc. As you can play it with two or more persons, the frisbee games are suitable for the whole family; thus they are good entertainments during longer holiday periods, e.g. at summer vacations. You can play it with just a couple of friends or with the whole family. The frisbee games are suitable for the whole family because a young child can also play a frisbee game with his/her parents.

Frisbee for kids

They can be played with any kind of frisbee. There are plastic frisbees, which are the most common, but there are also frisbees made of rubber or foam. Which one suits you best is entirely up to you; it depends on the person throwing them and what kind of ability he/she has.

There are different kinds of games for kids that can be played with a flying disc-like Frisbee golf (also called Frolf), where you try to land your own frisbee in little holes in the ground by throwing it; Frisbee toss, where two teams compete against each other to get as many points as possible by getting their own team member's discs closer to the target than the opponent's discs; and Frisbee soccer and Frisbee basketball, where the aim is to throw a frisbee through a loop.

You can also play games alone. One of those games is called disc dog, which simulates some kind of competition between two dogs competing over catching a flying disc as many times as possible before it hits the ground or some part of their bodies except for their mouths. In another game, you try to ride on the discs with your skateboard, rollerblade, or bicycle.

Can Frisbee also replace your cardio workout?

At first, it might not sound like an excellent idea to use a frisbee as fitness gear, but the fact is that you can make it work for this purpose. If you are not an experienced athlete or if you don't have enough space to play different kinds of sports, then maybe Frisbee will provide good exercise for you and improve your overall health.

The best way to start enjoying some activities with a frisbee is to go outside and find a nice open space where you can throw the disc around without hurting people or breaking their things. You needn't worry about finding such a place because there is always some kind of park nearby where everybody goes during weekends and which has enough room for Frisbee games; it's not like you can create such an area yourself.

If you want to start using frisbee as your workout gear, then there are certain things you should include in your starting plan. First of all, you should remember that it is safe to warm up before exercising and also dangerous not to; thus make sure you spend some time warming up your muscles and joints before throwing the disc around.

You should also remember that even though Frisbee activities may seem easy because the discs fly slowly through the air and everybody seems like an expert at first, then if you try to play competitively, especially against someone who has spent years playing this game seriously, the results could be shocking. Thus don't take it too lightly and start thinking you can play without a plan.

Frisbee on the water

If you want to enjoy Frisbee games with water, then the easiest way is to use a boat and play on small lakes or rivers. It's not necessary for it to be a big boat with a motor; even if you have just a canoe that you can fit in 2 or 3 people at once, then you can still have lots of fun playing this game. Just make sure there are no other boats around when you start playing because they could make your Frisbee fly somewhere else where it shouldn't go or they might hit your canoe and sink it.

TOP-10 frisbee games for the whole family

  • Frisbee Golf

This game is usually played in nature, in a park or in the yard of your home. It's good for training your throwing skills and it doesn't take too much time. There are both amateur golf courses and professional courses designed especially for frisbee golf. The rules are very simple so even children can play this game after proper explanations by their parents.

  • Ultimate-style games  

Ultimate frisbee is a popular sport in many countries and there are several tournaments taking place all over the world, e.g., the World Championships of Beach Ultimate. This game is played only by two teams with seven players on each side. The flying disc used in playing this game can be either a "forgiving" one (thrown from above) or a "forgiving" one (thrown from behind).

For playing ultimate frisbee, you need one flying disc for each player or team, something to mark goals with (e.g., jackets), and at least five players on each side. This game can be interesting even for an adult; besides it will improve your fitness.  

  • Frisbee Baseball

This game is suitable for playing both in nature and on prepared fields because it's possible to play it even without any additional equipment. Before starting the game, you need to set up some boundaries (e.g., trees). The rules are simple so everybody can easily understand them; besides, it's quite dynamic because players run a lot during this game. You can also buy gloves designed especially for frisbee games or for throwing discs, but these aren't necessary items since you can use your bare hands just as well.

  • Frisbee Soccer  

This game is very dynamic and athletic, which means that even adult people can train themselves by playing this game often; also children can play it. It doesn't take too much time so you can play it at every free moment; besides the game is suitable even for people who aren't very athletic or physically fit.

  • Mini-Disc Golf

You need just one mini-disc for playing this game, which is very small and doesn't fly as far as a regular disc. This is an excellent sport if you like playing frisbee with your dog.

  • Frisbee Football

  You need just one mini-disc for playing this game, which makes it easy to learn how to play it even if you never played frisbee before. It's also suitable for children because they can use only their hands and they don't need to run as much as in the case of ultimate frisbee or frisbee soccer.

  • Pick-up games

Pick-up games refer to informal sports activities that take place without an organizer; also other people join them whenever they want to play. You can also play it with just a couple of friends. As we said before, the rules are very simple so you don't need any special knowledge to join a pick-up game; you can even invent your own playing style and rules.

  • Frisbee Pitching

This is a well-known summer activity practiced at beaches and lakes. The goal is simple: throwing as far as possible from one person to another using only one disc (however, the disc used in this game isn't thrown like an ordinary flying disc). Aiming for distance or accuracy counts as both skill and science; e.g., if you want to throw as far as possible, then aim for low wind resistance; if you want to throw accurately, then aim for high wind drag.

  • Frisbee Flourhole

This game is suitable for anyone who has a throwing arm and doesn't feel pain when playing the game. It's often played in parks or on the playgrounds of primary schools because it's very simple to understand the rules even for children.

You just need one frisbee and two buckets per team so you can play with your friends in any place where they have these objects available. The goal of this game is similar to mini-disc golf: players try to throw their discs into buckets placed at various distances from them depending on the chosen level of difficulty.

  • Frisbee tag

This is a very dynamic game that can be played by anyone, even children. It's similar to freeze tag, but it's played with flying discs instead of hands. If you get hit by a disc while running, then you must lie on the ground and wait until one of your friends throws a disc at you from above in order to "free" you again.

How can you modify this game?

Each game can be modified in various ways. For instance, mini-disc golf has different levels of difficulty, which you can change by choosing a shorter or longer course. You can also modify the rules of your pick-up games so that you play only specific disciplines using discs.

You can start a timer while playing frisbee tag so it becomes a competition. It's also possible to invent new games using discs, e.g., by throwing them into buckets at different distances. Everything is possible if you have your imagination!

Dogs and frisbee are a yes! So you can play this game with your dog if you have one, together with your other family members. There are also some other games that can be played alone or in groups.

DIY frisbee

But what can you do if you don`t have frisbee? Don`t worry, you can make your own frisbee by using just a piece of plastic or even paper. Here is how to do it

You will need:

  1. plastic bag
  2. scissors
  3. duct tape                        
  4. compass (or anything with a needle)

 Procedure :

Make sure that the plastic bag has the same length on all its sides. Then measure 2cm from one of the long edges of the bag and make a mark there; this is where you will make holes for passing the string through later.    

Using your compass, draw two circles on top of each other, which will be used as discs in flying disc games. Next, use scissors to cut out these circles carefully. If you're using a plastic bottle instead of a plastic bag, then measure the circumference of the bottle's widest part and draw two circles of this size. Next, cut out these two circles.

Make sure that your discs are more or less equally thick along their entire circumference; otherwise, they would fly differently when thrown forward at different angles. After cutting out your discs, make some holes through them at equal distances from each other (e.g., if you made 4 holes, then make them 25cm away from each other)  in order to tie the string through later on during the game. Remember that these holes need to be big enough for your string to pass easily through them!    

Cut out long pieces of string and thread them through the holes you made in the previous step. Make sure that the discs are hanging on strings that have equal length, otherwise, they will fly differently during the game.

Since this frisbee is made out of just a plastic bag and some duct tape, it can be easily turned into any color you want! You could also decorate it with paint or whatever other materials you feel like using, e.g., glue or even your family photos printed on paper.  So there is no need to buy expensive frisbees for throwing games, as long as you have some creativity and imagination.

And an additional idea:

  • Make a target by painting a big circle on a plywood board, and nail a board to the wall as high as your tallest player.
  • Each player should take turns throwing their frisbee at the target from different distances, each time from further away.
  • You can keep score by counting how many points each player gets through hitting or getting closer to the center of the bullseye than any other player.