Gender neutral kids clothes to choose

We all know how hard it is to find gender-neutral kids clothes that fit our child's needs have a nice design and also are affordable.

The main idea of this post is to bring awareness to the lack of options for gender-neutral kids clothes because it seems only companies that target a specific group of people profit from this while other parents cannot buy their children clothing which meets all three requirements: 1) have the right size, 2) have a nice design 3) don't cost you an arm and a leg.

Gender-neutral clothes for kids can be found at a variety of stores. If there is no store in your area, you might have to resort to the internet which also has many options available. Here are several brands that can offer you quite interesting suggestions.


This brand is a great option for all the parents out there who don't want to break the bank when buying gender-neutral kids' clothes. They offer a wide range of colors and styles to choose from which makes it easy for you to shop without having to search through thousands of items.

The materials from Finn+Emma are of high-quality cotton, which makes it easy for you to mix and match the pieces. You can buy your child pants and a shirt from this brand and you can be sure both pieces will match each other which brings us to the next topic.

This brand offers different styles (bibs, overalls, and rompers) and designs only for the upper body of the kid. They don't offer any options for children's lower body – pants – so you need to combine their products with something else if your child needs it. In general, Finn+Emma is perfect as a starting point to building your kid's wardrobe as they have many colors and patterns available so you can mix those up easily without having to worry about sizes or anything else.

Tutti frutti clothing

This is a brand that offers many different colors and styles as well. It is a company that markets its products for babies but it can be easily adjusted to fit toddlers and kids as well. Their clothes are made out of top-quality materials like merino wool, cotton, and others which make it suitable for all seasons (except maybe the hottest summer days).

The way Tutti Frutti's pieces are put together makes them easy to mix up with each other or with your own clothing especially when you consider they offer outfits that only include the upper body. Their gender-neutral kid's clothes are put together in sets which means you'll have to buy long-sleeved t-shirts plus leggings for girls and the same with a shirt plus shorts or pants for boys.

Most of their designs are suitable for both genders but some pieces are obviously more suitable for girls or boys. For example, if your child needs a dress you can certainly go ahead and purchase it from this brand however it will not be considered gender-neutral. You need to take this into consideration before buying anything from them because sometimes even the color may seem inappropriate for your son's wardrobe.


They offer a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles as well. This means you can use their clothes to mix and match both genders without having to worry about anything else.

Their gender-neutral kid's clothes are made from cotton which is a breathable material perfect for dealing with the hot summer days or the cold winter mornings. It provides easy movement and all those activities toddlers and children love doing.

Many times people looking for gender-neutral options limit themselves only to shirts or jumpers but this brand offers you what it takes to dress your child in an appropriate manner for any occasion, holiday or special event while staying within the limits of your budget plan at the same time.

Having said that, if you're on a tight budget, it is a good idea to buy items that you can use in multiple ways. An example would be a nice pair of leggings. You can match them with different shirts or sweaters and voilà – they have been used for three different occasions now!


The variety of colors and patterns offered by Bitte may confuse you for a second but after consulting their size chart it will be pretty easy to shop from them. Their gender-neutral kid's clothes are made out of cotton and polyester – perfect materials for all weather conditions – which allows you to use the outfits both in the winter and summer without having to worry about anything else.

Bitte offers its customers two options: outfit sets (shirts and pants/shorts) or separate t-shirts, shorts/pants, dresses. This is great if you want your child to have different pieces they can wear separately every day so they don't have to wear the same t-shirt with the same pair of leggings or shorts.

They have many colors and patterns available but some may seem too girly or too boyish for you which is why it's a great idea to choose your items from this store if you have a son and daughter. In that case, it will be easy for you to mix the pieces up depending on who's going to wear them.

Oliver & Evie

This brand does not offer as much variety as Tutti Frutti clothing or Bitte but they still have a wide range of colors and styles to match your needs.

Their gender-neutral kid's clothes come in sets – leggings with a shirt – ideal for matching both genders together by only looking at the top part of their outfit. This is great if you want something simple plus affordable to use for your kids.

You can also buy separate t-shirts, leggings, and shorts or pants which is perfect if you need to match each piece together with other items in your child's wardrobe. All the designs are made from high-quality materials great for both summer and wintertime plus they are easy to mix up depending on what you want them to wear.

Quirky kids

Have you heard about this brand? It is another great option for parents who want to buy gender-neutral kids' clothes.

Their designs are made from natural materials such as cotton and hemp which makes them breathable, durable, and easy to use in both summer and winter times. They come in many different colors and patterns so you can mix and match depending on your needs.

If you're looking for a more affordable option that still has high quality then this one might be the perfect choice for you! You can get their sets or separate articles of clothing – t-shirts, shorts/pants, dresses – ideal for using with other items either from Quirkie kids or any other brand.

Mitz Kids

Last but not least, we have Mitz kids! Their gender-neutral kid's clothes come in set leggings with t-shirts or shorts/pants with t-shirts.

This brand uses 100% cotton combined with polyester for their items which makes them durable and easy to use anywhere. They can be easily matched together by children of different ages and the designs are made from bright colors great for summertime because they tend to look more attractive.

You can choose between several t-shirt styles or shirts then mix them depending on your kid's preferences for that day. The materials used are skin-friendly so you don't need to worry about anything else – perfect for small kids who spend most of their running free outside without restrictions.

What things to consider when choosing baby clothing?

You have to know that some colors look more attractive on kids while some don't. For example, there are colors that fade when they get wet so you'll have to wash them with special detergents in order to keep the brightness without any problems.

Other factors to consider are the size of your child's body and the season you want him/her to wear that article of clothing. Make sure it fits perfectly or else your kid might get skin irritations which is not an ideal thing for this age group.

And if you're wondering how long can a baby go without wearing clothes? About 6-8 months usually because parents tend to dress their children up even if the weather permits it. This is another reason why gender-neutral kids' clothes are very common these days.

Also, you can choose between several different types of patterns and styles for your children depending on their gender or how old they are. Some parents prefer to use clothing that helps them blend in while others want something more attractive which is why there are many options available on the market right now.

However, you have to keep in mind that each article of clothing requires different washing techniques so check out their labels before buying anything. You don't want to ruin your kid's favorite item by using the wrong method of cleaning it!

What sort of kids clothes should I get?

Well, it depends on what season it is plus whether you're going to use them inside or outside the house for your child. For example, if you want to buy winter clothes then make sure they are made from natural materials which will retain body warmth.

And… that's pretty much it! If you stick with these tips you'll become a very good parent who knows how to pick the perfect gift for their kids without spending too much money.

Try to find different sets online and see which ones look best for you so you can use them in the future. One of the most important things to consider is that your child is going to love their new outfit, even if it isn't designed for their gender.

And what about my boy who looks like a princess? Well… they're just kids after all so don't let anything bother you. Kids learn from an early age how to play pretend plus they have imaginations beyond our understanding sometimes! Of course, some parents get mad when they notice their son wearing skirts while others think this might be a 'phase' or something temporary.

However, some people say there's a difference between a kid who wants to wear dresses because/she likes them and another who does it just because.

The best thing you can do is talk to your child about this issue and ask them what they think. They don't have any bad intentions for being who they are so try to handle the situation in an open-minded way. Maybe their answer will surprise you!

And if all else fails then there are some awesome brands out there who understand that some boys want to express themselves as girls once in a while. So know more about them before making judgments on what other people do so you won't regret anything later on down the road!

Gender-neutral kid's clothes? Yes or no?

It depends on how you raise your children plus what they really want for themselves. Everyone is equal in their own way and should be respected by others! However, there are some parents who prefer to ignore their children's preferences if they don't match the normal social standards.

This is not okay for obvious reasons even though you can't control how people think or act sometimes. Remember that your kid might get very upset with this kind of attitude but you'll never know unless you try to ask them why they like what they do/or don't wear.

Some kids don't care about these things while others find it difficult to explain why they feel a certain way when talking face-to-face. So it's up to you whether or not you want to bring this subject up at home.

Just keep in mind that gender doesn't equal your genitals. It's just another part of you that can be changed by certain operations if this is really what you want. However, some people are born with different feelings than others because their emotional intelligence surpasses the normal standards sometimes!