Gender reveal ideas

Are you looking for gender reveal ideas? Whether you're having a baby or already have kids, we've got gender reveal ideas right here! We want to help make your life easy and simple. If this is your first time finding out the gender of your child, our goal is to help you with that momentous occasion.

First off, congratulations on growing a human being inside of you! That's no small task. Second, what do you plan on doing for that magical moment? Well, let us present these fun and exciting ways to tell friends and family the gender of the new little bundle of joy! We all know how emotional and sentimental moms can be so we hope these ideas spark some creativity.

Baby shower gender reveal ideas

There are many fun and trendy ways to reveal the gender of your baby during a baby shower. We've collected some of our favorites for you!

Paper and balloons

This is a popular and classic way to announce the gender of a baby. Have blue and pink balloons placed at different areas of the party and have guests pop them to reveal the color inside. Once all the balloons have been popped, everyone can gather around to see the color of the confetti that falls out.

Tails or bows

Another way to reveal a baby's gender through a balloon is by tying a blue or pink ribbon around the neck of the balloon. Have party guests pull on the ribbon until the balloon pops and reveals the colored tail inside.

Gender reveal cake

A popular way for couples to announce their baby's gender is by baking a cake with either blue or pink icing inside. When cut open, the color will be revealed. Be sure to have a camera ready to capture the expressions on everyone's faces!

Cake pops

If the cake isn't your thing, cake pops might be more up your alley. These are basically small balls of cake that have been dipped in icing and then decorated. Like the cake, you can choose to have either blue or pink pops made for the gender reveal. Guests can take a bite to see the hidden color inside.

Gender reveal piñata

A fun way to get everyone excited is by having a gender reveal piñata. This is a paper mache figure that is filled with either blue or pink candy and/or toys. Once it's smashed open, all the goodies will be revealed.

Confetti poppers

Confetti poppers are a good way to reveal a baby's gender. You can either buy them or make your own by using small paper bags, confetti, tissue paper, and tape. Place one of each color inside the bag (blue and pink) then secure it with tape. Guests will be intrigued as they pop open the popper to see what color of confetti comes out!

These ideas are just suggestions for your baby shower gender reveal party; however, you can come up with plenty more on your own personalized creativity! Use our ideas as inspiration for yours.

Smoke bombs

Another popular trend is to use smoke bombs to announce the gender of your baby. This is a great way if you're having an outdoor party or want people to be able to really see the colors that come out. Just like with confetti poppers, place one blue and pink smoke bomb in a box and secure it closed. Let guests open it at the same time so they can all watch what happens when you release the colored smoke.

Glow sticks

When lit, glow sticks reveal either blue or pink light, which is perfect for revealing your baby's gender! Plus they're super cheap to buy in bulk from most stores or online. You'll just need small paper bags, rubber bands, and markers to write either "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!" on the sticks.

Gender reveal box

For the DIY'ers out there, you can build your own gender reveal box! You'll just need a small cardboard box, blue or pink tissue paper to stuff inside, and either a blue or pink ribbon for the finishing touch. Fill it with either blue or pink confetti for an unforgettable moment.

Gender reveal soccer ball

For the sports fans out there, why not use a pink or blue soccer ball to reveal your baby's gender? Fill it with either baby powder (blue) or glitter (pink) and let guests take turns hitting the ball. It might be difficult to figure out whose turn it is at first, but you can also easily make teams for this game!


Another creative way to reveal your baby's gender is through paint. Just squirt some blue or pink paint into different balloons then cock them until they're ready to pop! Depending on how hard the balloon pops, guests will know what color wins. Just place all of the popped balloons in one area so everyone makes their guess before moving on.


For a really sweet way to reveal your baby's gender, blow bubbles! Have blue or pink bubble solution available and have guests blow the bubbles until they pop. The color of the bubble will show what team has won! This is perfect for those with younger children who will enjoy this game.

Decorations for the party

Once you've chosen the method of revealing your baby's gender, it's time to start planning the party decorations! You can use blue or pink streamers, balloons, and table clothes to set the mood and let guests know what's happening. You can also buy banners that say "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!" to really drive the point home.

If you're looking for something more unique, why not try a cloud or smoke machine? Cloud machines will fill the room with either blue or pink smoke, depending on what color you choose, and will create a really cool effect. Just be sure to have enough ventilation if using one indoors!

You can't have a gender reveal party without some sort of shower for the baby! Have blue and pink presents, toys, clothes, and other gifts ready to be opened by guests. You can also add in stuffed animals or balloons with blue or pink strings so everyone knows what color won.

Don`t forget about napkins and plates! You can buy blue and pink plates, cups, and napkins to really add to the decor. These are also perfect if you want to use them for your baby's first birthday party!

DIY Baby Shows

Now, this is something definitely worth looking into if you're planning on having friends and family over. Adorable babies dressed in cute costumes will be revealed to their guests when they either shake a rattle (to play "Rock-a-Bye Baby") or open up a diaper (for the new little bundle of joy). This hilarious take on baby showers will have everyone laughing while shouting out gender guesses along with the parents-to-be. You can also use baby rattles or open up a diaper filled with either blue or pink confetti to make the reveal more unique.

Photo Op

Last but not least, you can't have a gender reveal party without taking tons of photos! Set up an area where guests can take pictures with their favorite couples using fun props while standing in front of either a blue or pink backdrop. Then everyone can send these photos to the parents-to-be so they've got something to remember this day by.

What location to choose?

The location of your gender reveals party is important! You'll want to choose a place that can accommodate all of your guests, whether it's at your house or another venue. If you're choosing to do a DIY baby show, make sure the space is big enough to set up all the necessary equipment. You might also want to consider a place with good photo opportunities so everyone can capture the moment!


Having a beach reveal is perfect for those who want something elegant and beautiful. Sunsets are the perfect backdrop as attendees watch you hold up your baby's gender sign. The one downside to this is that it depends on the weather, but if you can choose a good day then it will be a really special moment


If you're having an outdoorsy party, going to a log cabin may be another great idea! There's less of a chance someone gets cold or wet with no roof over their head and the campfire provides more than enough light. If done right, this could be such a special night so don't rule it out!


If you're planning on keeping things small and intimate, having the party at your home is definitely a great option. You can set everything up the way you want it and have more control over the food and drinks. Just be sure to have enough space for everyone!


This one is perfect if you're looking for a lot of room to run around. A park will provide plenty of space for guests to spread out, plus there are usually some great photo opportunities available. Just be sure to keep an eye on the weather and choose a park that's open late!


If DIY baby shows are your thing, why not rent out a studio? This will give you plenty of space to work with and you can even invite a photographer to come and snap some pictures. Studios also come with props, backdrops, and other goodies that can help make your reveal even more special!

Revealing Baby's Gender the Old-Fashioned Way

There's no need to go all out with a huge party when you can simply announce the baby's gender in a sweet, sentimental way. Here are a few ideas:

Mail the News

One parent-to-be can mail an envelope to the other with blue or pink confetti inside depending on the baby's gender. You could also use blue or pink candles to let your partner know what they're having.

Picture Frame

This one is especially sweet if you've been waiting to find out the baby's gender. Each parent-to-be takes a picture with their own camera or phone and you can then put them together in a frame with either blue or pink confetti. It's very easy, but the sweet sensation is worth it!

Pop the Question

If you're planning on getting married, why not incorporate your future child into the proposal? Instead of proposing with a diamond ring, one party can go down on bended knee while holding up signs saying "Will You Be the Best Mommy Ever?" or "Will You Be the Handsome Daddy I've Always Dreamed Of?". This definitely beats just handing someone an engagement ring any day.

What if you have twins?

If you're having twins, there are plenty of ways to reveal the genders. Some parents prefer to have pink or blue balloons with their babies inside, while others snap a photo that says "We're having BOYS!!" or "We're having GIRLS!". Then simply hang the photos on your fridge for everyone to see!

What if you are not finding out?

Some people might want to know what they are getting before the baby arrives, but some would rather be surprised. Either way is totally acceptable so try not to let friends/family pressure you into doing anything you don't want to do.

If you're planning on surprising your partner after birth then just keep things small and sweet. Maybe show them your baby's ultrasound picture and then let them know whichever gender they choose was the right one!