Hosting a 6-years-old BDay on a budget

Happy BDay! Well, if you are reading this line, it means that you have already had a good time celebrating the 8th BDay of your little one! A big congratulations for being so awesome! Every parent should feel proud of themselves for managing to make their child happy again and again!

What does this have to do with this article? Is there anybody else who has celebrated their 6-years-old BDay on a budget? Well, guess what! There are ways - really simple ways that can help you out in these difficult times. These days when the economy is not doing well when every dollar matters. So, here we go!

Reflect on the guest list

This is where you start, and it's crucial. Make a list of the people who are going to attend your son/daughter's BDay party on a budget. First, include the parents! Second, remember that they'll bring their children as well - so don't forget them as well!

Your child might have had some trouble with kids at school lately or he has never known some of his maternal grandparents, then this would be a great opportunity for him to interact directly with them through the celebration.

Choose location carefully

A home party can be fun if you are familiar with the area. If not, then it's better to turn into a park bash! You need to think of your guest list now - how many kids are going to attend? It would be good for you to know how much time will each kid spend at your place.

Don't forget about food and toys as well! Make sure that every kid is satisfied before they leave. Serve them nutritious foods, fruits or vegetables first, then bring out party pies or snacks. Make sure you play some games with them too - this way they'll have enough exercise before bedtime!

Ask the parents of the little ones what do their kids like doing most so that you could choose one of the activities they are most interested in.

Give them presents!

A present can make or break a party. Even if you are hosting the BDay on a budget, you should still remember to give your guests some little goodies to take home with them - so don't forget about it! If your child is 6-years-old now, then toys would be great for his/her friends too!

Give out logo t-shirts or personalized caps as well. You could also include some puzzle games, new books, and pencil cases just to name some of the ideas.

Cake & ice cream? Yes, please!

Well, who doesn't love cake and ice cream? If there's anything that kids will go crazy after at parties, then it's definitely both of these! You could make a deal with a local bakery and host your party there - this way you'll have to worry about nothing but eating and playing. Just make sure that the kids won't choke on anything, so supervise them while they are having their pie or ice cream.

Of course, like every other parent who has hosted a BDay for their child on a budget knows, you don't need an extravagant party to show your love for the little one. Your kid will be happier if you spend all those extra dollars on him/her instead of throwing parties all the time! So, save up some more money in case there's another round of BDays coming soon!

How to make the menu cheaper?

This is where you need to practice some of your cooking skills. You don't need to be Gordon Ramsay - just the ability to cook rice, boil water, and toast bread will do! You can save a lot if you are familiar with preparing food on your own. If not, then you should consider hiring someone else to do this for you!

You could have different menus each day depending on who's coming over for their BDay treat at your place. This way you'll also serve them nutritious meals before bringing out cakes or pies.

Make sure that there's always something left over after serving all the kids, so save up some more money in case anyone wants seconds.

How about party games?

Well, most parents are exhausted just listening to the birthday song after preparing the food, so they tend to opt out of this one. However, you should know that children love playing games - and it's not only fun but also educational!

Just make sure you choose simple games such as Simon Says or Freeze Dance. Avoid complicated ones like Monopoly and chess unless your guests are really mature for their age.

You could also bring a small karaoke machine with some CDs featuring children's songs which they'll definitely love! Just try to keep them in one place without disturbing everyone else at home.

Don`t forget about music

One of the cheapest entertainments for any party - music! You don't need a birthday present for your kid to play his/her favorite songs over and over again. If you really want the guests to dance the day away, then consider hosting an impromptu karaoke session instead!

Just make sure you put on some of the most popular songs on the charts today - this way everyone will know how to follow along and sing with you. Even your 6-years-old will be able to learn them as well.

TOP-15 gifts for 6 years old

  • books
  • puzzles (eg. 3D)
  • stickers
  • a teddy bear with pajamas
  • coloring book/set of crayons
  • camera (disposable one)
  • t-shirt, cap, or backpack with the company logo on it (eg. Disney)
  • board game (eg. Trivial Pursuit)
  • scooter
  • musical instrument (harmonica / xylophone / recorder)
  • learning kit: telescope + encyclopedia + microscope
  • video game console & games for it
  • balls: soccer, tennis, basket/beach
  • ride-on toy (eg. bicycle, scooter)

Celebration on fresh air

What if you just pick up your family and celebrate your child`s 6th birthday out? Take them to the park or have a picnic in the backyard, so they could play around with their friends.

This is great for keeping your party small and intimate, but you should bear in mind that not all parents will be comfortable hosting their kid's birthday outside! So it might be such a relief for some of them to come along, while others (with no garden/balcony/rooftop available) won't make it here.

Celebration at home

That is one more budget variant for celebrating your son or daughter's BD. Just make sure that you prepare everything earlier and invite only closest friends/family members of the birthday boy/girl to come here.

You won't have to spend any extra money on renting a venue or hiring an entertainer for this one unless someone likes participating in them! The kids will be happy spending time at home with their classmates, while parents are excited about seeing everyone having fun together.

Just make sure that you aren't underprepared - set up a music player first, buy some snacks beforehand, and make sure all the necessary equipment is available (eg. balloons). It would also be nice if you let kids play around in your backyard before starting with games!

What theme parties are interesting for 6-year girls?

Fairy Princess Parties

Fairy princess parties are great because they involve more than just fun for kids - it helps their imagination be unleashed plus builds self-esteem and confidence in them. Not to mention how cute they look wearing wings and fancy dresses! Just make sure you have some stories ready for reading before starting with games or other activities!

Bath Party

When kids are enjoying water balloons and other toys in a pool, there's no way the whole thing becomes boring. Plus parents won't have to spend extra money on hiring any professional entertainer as you can easily do this yourself! Just make sure that you don't let the children eat anything during the party as they'll be busy playing for most of it.

Sports Themed Parties

Kids will love a sports-themed birthday if their parents previously expressed a similar interest - otherwise going out for a game might not be something they were looking forward to! It could be rather hard work for you if you're the only one who knows to play football/badminton, so you should definitely invite some friends for help or let the kids choose what to play themselves.

Dora The Explorer Parties

There's a reason why Dora is one of the most popular animated characters among children - she's adventurous and happy all the time! So having a birthday party dedicated to her means that your kid will be excited about it. Just make sure that you have any games ready beforehand as children might lose interest easily with too many repeated actions!

A Lil' Mermaid Party

Having a mermaid party is great because it involves dressing up in fancy dresses and shoes. This way girls can enjoy their special day after crawling around on the floor at home with nothing but a T-shirt on. You can also go for glam makeup for this one, although it is optional.

What theme parties are interesting for 6-year boys?

A Hero Party

Inviting children for a hero-themed birthday is great because it can be carried out in multiple ways. You can have them play superhero games, dress up as their favorite character or just read stories about brave kids - all of this works! All you need to prepare are some cool costumes beforehand!

Pirate Party

If little boys are into adventures and treasure hunts, then they'll definitely love having a pirate-themed birthday party. Just make sure that you've got any necessary equipment ready beforehand (eg. swords) or hire someone who knows how to use them before the event takes place.

Action Themed Parties

Kids will enjoy an action-packed party if they like to play with cars/puzzles for example. Just make sure that you've got enough space for all the kids to run around and enjoy themselves, plus don't forget about any additional equipment (eg. balls). It could be better to give each child a number before starting with activities so that they can pick their turn easily.

Hogwarts theme party

Playing Harry Potter or Hermione would be a dream come true for most children. This way they can explore the magic of Hogwarts and learn about different spells that their favorite character knows. Let them wear some costumes beforehand to make the experience even better!

How to prepare birthday parties?

Also, remember to properly set up your home for this activity - don't leave any shoes lying around, and definitely do not forget to clean everything before inviting children over. You can also decorate with balloons and colorful banners, plus ask your kids what kind of food they want for this event if it's possible. They might enjoy having their favorite dish cooked just for today!

What should I keep in mind while hosting a 6-years-old BDay on a budget?

You should remember the following things while preparing birthday parties:

  • Make sure that any activities are safe for children's health (eg. don't let them play with sharp objects)
  • Keep games simple to avoid unnecessary injuries or losing the interest of children quickly
  • Don't force guests to participate in every single activity unless you want to receive complaints later on (eg. don't make kids eat the same food as other children if they don't like it)

Have fun too!

Parents also need to relax and just celebrate with kids - don't worry about a thing and just enjoy this moment. So make sure you take a lot of pictures and keep them in your album - it's going to be a wonderful memory for the years to come!

Bottom line

A birthday party for a 6-year-old child can be challenging to prepare and carry out, but it's definitely worth the effort and children will definitely enjoy themselves (within reason).

Just make sure that you communicate with them before choosing activities and don't let them do anything dangerous. Keep in mind that this is their special day and they should be able to enjoy it accordingly!