Rainbow babies - a special gift

A rainbow baby is a term used to describe children born after loss. These are babies who not only bring light into the lives of their families but also into the world.

In what families are rainbow babies born?

Babies who bring a rainbow into the lives of a family who has suffered a miscarriage, a stillbirth, or a death in infancy are known as rainbow babies. It is believed that these children come into the world to even out the balance - where one life was lost, another beautiful life comes to take its place.

What do these children symbolize?

Rainbow babies remind their families every day of those they have loved and lost. They are from heaven and earth at once – suspended between both worlds.

According to those who have been given this gift it feels as though their child waits for them on the other side, watching them on earth while protecting them from above. Many people believe that this is why rainbow babies seem to know things that they shouldn't or see and hear things that we can't.

When was this term firstly used?

The term 'rainbow baby' was firstly used by Sarah Maria Hightower towards the end of the 20th century. She lost two daughters before giving birth to her first living child, who was born after a long period of grieving and healing. After this gift, Sarah Maria's family became known as 'rainbow babies'.

She believes that the name of these children transcends death. Sarah believes that all rainbow babies are guided by guardian angels and often share with her stories of ghosts visiting their family before the birth of their special bundle of joy.

What is interesting is that many people who have experienced this phenomenon can tell you exactly where they were when they felt they most needed to be home in time for the birth of their child or even how old their baby would be if they survived.

The difference between rainbow and sunshine babies

Sunshine babies are children that are born after the loss of a family member. These are called sunshine babies because they bring happiness into their family's lives where there had been sadness.

Rainbow babies, however, come with less certainty. They come to their parents as gifts - sometimes months or years after their loss and often when it is least expected. Sunshine babies also have the presence of mind to know how old they will be on earth if they were alive today, while rainbow babies seem to know things before they should.

Do different religions believe in rainbow babies?

It is believed that Judaism plays a significant role in the phenomenon of what we know today as 'Rainbow Babies'. There are many stories within the bible with reference to children who return from heaven and visit their families before returning home - such as Elijah's ascension and John The Baptist's birth.

Religious people around the world firmly believe that God gives these special souls to those whom He knows will cherish them forever. These people believe there is no greater gift than this and understand that one day they will be with their lost loved ones again.

The power of prayer

It is sometimes said that heaven has plans for everyone, but then so does God…so perhaps it's not always a surprise when something more significant than coincidence unfolds before very eyes. This makes some people believe that God orchestrates things to happen the way they are needed to be whether it appears as coincidence or miracle.

All of these children are angels in their own right, which is why some people think they are not only sent by heaven but also from the angelic realm. After all, there can never be enough angels in this world.

Sarah Maria Hightower firmly believes that any mother who has lost a baby will recognize signs and communication with her little ones after their death which will bring comfort and reassurance that they are safe, loved, and free from pain. She says, "They love us so fiercely up there…they have no concept of earthly time."   

What are the main characteristics of these children?

Each rainbow baby is individual and different from another. However, most people who have been given a rainbow baby can tell you that they seem to be more aware than other children at the same age. Many recall how their child would cry when they were in trouble or needed help before they could speak themselves.

Some say that their child has a strong connection with nature and spirit while others claim that their child seems to 'know' things beforehand or will speak about an event that happened in the future. Rainbow babies often display exceptional talents such as creative abilities, heightened senses, and spirituality from a young age along with extra-sensory perception skills, which they may use to aid them in helping those around them.

Some of the most common characteristics include:

  • A strong need for security and intimacy from infancy, which can make it difficult to leave their parents sight for too long.
  • An extreme awareness of people's energy and emotions, which can make them overwhelmed by large groups or crowded places such as supermarkets.
  • A heightened spiritual connection with nature and animals. Rainbow babies often show interest in spirituality at a very early age and will seek out answers about life through meditation and prayer or even ask questions that we shouldn't know yet!

How do families celebrate their rainbow babies?

Rainbow baby showers are a beautiful way for family and friends to celebrate the arrival of these children who hold such significance in their lives.

It is not uncommon for people to name these children after those they have lost, or to give them middle names with significant meaning such as 'Hope' for example.

People often believe that the most precious gifts given at these showers are no material items but memories - like photos and mementos – which will help them remember their loved ones always.

What is it like having a rainbow baby?

The love that surrounds a family who has been given this gift is unlike anything else in the world. Rainbow babies teach us that there is power in love and that life does go on after loss. They give us hope, bring light into our lives, and remind us to cherish every moment we have with our loved ones.

The gift of a rainbow baby is something beyond words, but you can celebrate your treasure with the people around you by sharing your experience and helping others understand the wonderful impact they have on people's lives.

How do rainbow babies develop into adulthood?

If you have ever witnessed a rainbow baby growing up then you would know that they are different from other children…they seem older than their years' yet still love to play and be a child every once in a while. Rainbow children are often considered as old souls with an innate knowing about life and the world around them. They accept what they see and make the best of it, rather than dwelling on what they don't like or can't change.

Many people believe that these young souls come to this earth at important times and bring us hope and positivity when we need it most. They seem to have certain wisdom from birth which helps them navigate through their lives, showing love for humanity through social work, charity work, or even just being there for those who need friends during challenging periods of their own lives.

Is postpartum going to be harder?

People often think that mothers of rainbow babies have a harder time recovering from birth, but the opposite has been proven to be true. Many women who have experienced pregnancy and loss can attest to this. It is common for these women to feel a sense of relief after going through the physical trauma of delivery because it brings them one step closer to being able to hold their angel baby in their arms again.

Some even say that giving birth helps them heal during the early stages of their grief journey. Rainbow children who come into our lives bring us hope and comfort from day 1, reminding us that life does go on after loss and there are other beautiful gifts waiting for us if we choose to open our hearts up to them.

How can one keep believing?

If there is loss after loss or countless challenges in your life, it can be hard to see the rainbow through the storm. It's important not to lose hope and remember that whatever you're going through now will pass and make room for something beautiful.

Trust that there is a bigger plan and things happen for a reason, and hold on until you find out what it is...but also remember to enjoy the ride while you wait!

How can you help such families?

Until the rainbow baby birth, their families are full of sorrow and emptiness, but this first glimpse into their lives fills them with hope and meaning.

Everyone is different, so it's important to empathize rather than offer solutions or explanations. This can be difficult as people are often driven by the need to fix things themselves, but what matters most here are feelings, not facts.

Offering comfort and support will go a long way in helping families who have experienced loss through the existence of a rainbow baby birth. While words cannot always help ease the pain they can be used to stop it from turning into something more serious like depression or anxiety.

Being there for someone who has just lost someone close to them can sometimes mean being uncomfortable because many people don't know how best to act or what to say around those grieving.

Instead of pretending it's all okay, reach out and let them know you care. Be gentle with each other and remember that we're all on this journey called life together – some just have more to carry than others.

Children from orphanages

Even in case, there wasn`t any opportunity to give birth to your baby, don`t get upset! There are thousands of kids all over the world who may become your rainbow child after adopting.

They will give you so much love and comfort, that you probably won`t even remember about your unexpressed wishes. It is extremely necessary for them to be in the family. They will always remember that their parents loved them enough to give up everything in order to make them happy.

Every child deserves a good life, especially those abandoned at orphanages through no fault of their own (but plenty of faults in our social systems). What chance do these children have without families? There are so many who are desperately looking for someone to love, please don't delay!

Each day is a new opportunity to make our home a brighter, more loving place. Create your own personal heaven on earth through embracing life and all that it has to offer. Remember this - there are always rainbows after the storms in life, even if we cannot see them at first! And that's why they're called rainbows.