What qualities make a good parent?

It is probably the most common problem of all time: parent styles.  Styles taking parent properties one after another until nothing works anymore, sometimes with parent declarations even showing up in the child's stylesheet. A disaster - surely something nobody would want to see on their website. But what actually causes this?

It is usually caused by an incorrect parent selector in the child's stylesheet. Tying the parent selector too strictly to the parent element can have grave consequences.

A parent method with a limited scope is more appropriate for style inheritance, so that you only inherit what you need and nothing more.

Using parent selectors throughout your stylesheets can become problematic because of specificity issues.

The parent selector typically has a higher specificity, which means that it can override rules from the child's stylesheet. For this reason, parent methods should be used sparingly and with caution.

Parenting styles have been studied for a long time. There are four types of parenting styles: authoritarian, permissive, neglectful, and authoritative.

Research has found that children do better when their parents use one type of parenting style. You can easily recognize your parenting style, for example how would your friends can describe you?

Find out which one is the best and which ones to avoid in the next section.

Parenting styles

There are four different parenting styles, according to Diana Baumrind and two other researchers. The first three styles have different effects on kids' behavior and success in school. The fourth style was later added.


Parents who have kids do not let them go out. They are very strict. If their children do not obey, they will get in trouble.


Permissive parents are too indulgent. They don't set limits for their children or have expectations. This makes it hard for their children to listen to authority and control themselves.

Neglectful — or Uninvolved

Children of uninvolved or neglectful parents have the worst outcomes. They have low self-esteem, lack self-control, and are less competent than their peers.


This is when you display the qualities of the authoritative parenting style. This style is linked with the best outcomes for children.

Kids who have had authoritative parents grow up to be self-confident and competent. Their parents communicated with them, had high expectations, and expressed a lot of warmth and affection towards them.